2015, for better or worse

Well, this year has been a very bumpy ride, with so little camping it’s depressing.  I have hope for 2016.

I’m sitting here fantasizing about where I’d like to camp next year, and, what do you know, it’s time to make reservations!  California State Parks start booking 7 months in advance, so now is the time to think about spring and summer camping.

Where to go?  I’m dreaming of a spring trip by myself, possibly to my shoulder season standby at Henry Coe.  Last time I was there in spring there were wild iris, which is my favorite flower.  I had fun at Big Sur in November of 2014, so that’s a possibility.  My sweetie hasn’t been there.  Steep Ravine might be good.  No need to wait for summer for that, if I can get a cabin.

I really should make a desert trip in winter sometime, but it’s such a long drive.  I’d rather camp than drive.

Mostly I’m just feeling dreamy, I guess, and not into planning something so far in advance.  I’d love to spend a weekend sometime soon sitting in my little tent, drinking tea by myself and reading.  Somewhere with trees.  Calaveras Big Trees sounds pretty good, but the reality of it being cold might make me change my mind.  Maybe somewhere coastal.  I’ll check the walk-in campground at Butano.

Since I’m on the cold-weather bit, I think I’ll recommend something I’m crazy about for camping.  For a very long time I’ve been doing the hot water bottle thing with a Nalgene bottle.  A few years ago I bought some reusable hand warmer thingies at a county fair, and I’m in love.  You pop a little button in them, and they turn somewhat solid and warm up.  They stay warm for about 20 minutes, which is enough to get me toasty in my sleeping bag.  The next day you drop them in a pot of boiling water for 15 minutes, and they’re ready to go again.  Lots of manufacturers, so I don’t have a link.  If you go on Amazon and look for reusable hand warmers they’ll come up.  I actually use them at home a good deal, too.

Make reservations!  Stay warm everyone.  Merry, happy whatever.  Hope and love for the new year.


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